May 2017

It's Debitcoin's one year anniversary! I would like to thank anybody and everybody that has contributed to the project. It's been a crazy year in crypto with a lot of new money coming in from all over the world. It's nice for debitcoin to be priced in btc because when bitcoin has gone up, debitcoin usually is not affected. The best part is debitcoin has risen from 1 satoshi to approx 150 satoshis over the past year. With our fast distribution, 99% of all the coins have been mined. I look forward to dbtc gaining more value and soon we will be able to use the coins from the debitcoin operating fund to compensate people to work on the project. Until this happens this project is on a limited budget, but work is being done everyday. As always, if anyone is willing to work on the project in exchange for coins that they can potentially sell in the future for compensation, please contact us. Thanks


November 2016

All systems are working. The future of Debitcoin is unknown. I will continue to look into ways to gain adoption. I will discontinue these monthly updates and just post when applicable. Thanks


October 2016

Everything is running well. Most of my time is spent making sure all the essential pieces are operating, like the blockchain - mining, trading, block explorer, android wallet, and checking for questions or comments on social media. The whole crypto-currency space is going to continue to grow and I hope Debitcoin can attract some new users. I will continue to promote some of our best features like a 2MB max block size, 30 second block time confirmations, paid full nodes and a self-funding treasury. Thanks


September 2016

Debitcoin has 100% uptime and is functioning well. My goal of creating a stable generic alternative to bitcoin that includes a 2MB max block size, 30 second block time confirmation, paid full nodes and a self-funding treasury has been completed. My view is Debitcoin is like the Android of crypto-currency. I believe there could be some developers that are interested in building things on a plain vanilla coin ecosystem. If enough other people find value in this idea long term is unknown. This project doesn’t have a large budget and the hope is to grow it one person at a time. I will keep things running while I assess Debitcoin’s future opportunities. Thanks


August 2016

I worked on improving the website this month and I added an about page, where I wrote some of my thoughts about the project's goals. I explained I want to get a basic framework in place to prevent known issues for scaling. The main things are to have a fund for self financing and all contributors get coins. So for now the software is not the main focus, especially since we have a good working version of bitcoin that took a large amount of time, work and collaboration to develop. I have been looking into getting an IOS wallet, and as of today, it just got a lot more difficult, as I just read a tweet from the Jaxx wallet dev say he just received a call from Apple telling him to remove Dash from his multi-coin IOS wallet because it's not on their short list of approved coins (crazy!). So I’ll monitor that situation. As for the price, it’s been volatile for the last couple weeks but currently sits at 50 Satoshis. Considering that we started at 1 Satoshi (.00000001 btc) a few months ago I think we’re moving in the right direction. Thanks


July 2016

Two months later and Debitcoin is still alive and kicking. The good news is there has been enough interest to keep the miners going and enough volume to keep the traders going. There has been so much going on in the whole crypto space lately, it's hard to compete for attention, that's OK, we'll keep working. The block reward will be cutting in half from 50 to 25 tomorrow. With the block reward halving almost monthly, the daily supply of mined coins will dry up over the next few months. That should help to increase the price. Anyone running a node full-time please send me an email. Thanks


June 2016

The first month is in the books and things are going well. A few of the things that were completed are: the debitcoin operating fund (dof) spreadsheet is up to date with proof of reserves, I listed three addresses which hold the funds and can be checked on the block explorer, an android wallet which can be downloaded directly or from the Google Play Store, and a paper wallet generator. Thanks, NCM